I’m Kristin Van Wey

I’m highly passionate about authentic service and caring for the whole person. I believe that with persistence and focus we all have access to profound well-being. I want to inspire and educate you as you open the door to a fulfilled and beautiful life.”

Kristin Van Wey is an internationally recognized leader, educator, speaker and trainer in innovative approaches to wellbeing and has helped thousands experience insights, understanding and remarkable results in their wellness journey. Her humanitarian efforts have brought hope and empowerment to communities in crisis and she’s dedicated to partnering with others to serve communities globally. With over 25 years of professional experience in health Kristin is one of the leading voices on the use of essential oils in partnership with multiple powerful modalities for transformation and healing. She has cultivated a large and very successful doTERRA essential oils and natural health team and has established a culture of exceptional education and empowerment for her team members and the people and communities they are dedicated to serving.