Essential Trauma Support

This is for: Trauma support workers, caregivers and those who have experienced or are experiencing trauma.

Course structure: 6 modules

Time on each module: 60-90 minutes

The information in this course has a proven track record in training trauma support workers and caregivers in innovative techniques for effectively working through trauma. It can also be effectively utilized by those who have experienced or are experiencing trauma. Whether working through or creating resiliency for loss or trauma, this course is a comprehensive and integrative approach to navigating life and will be understood by both professionals and the layperson. It’s based on years of experience on the front line of facilitating training and support for mass trauma incidents such as the Sandy Hook and 9/11 tragedies and has been carefully created by Kristin and Deb Del Vecchio-Scully, a licensed professional counselor and trauma expert.

This course will help you to:

  • Gain a greater clinical understanding of the neuroscience of personal and mass trauma and the importance of self care.
  • Learn about the mind-body connection and how to access and positively affect your subconscious and conscious mind.
  • Understand brain chemistry in relation to trauma and learn about the benefits of essential oils on the nervous system as well as all communication centers and cells of the body.
  • Explore the stages of grief and loss and discover how to access the stages of healing and create presence, resiliency and a healthy path to vitality.
  • Learn the 10 laws of health and the importance of understanding the gut-brain connection and how to effectively nourish, cleanse and restore your body throughout the trauma process.
  • Discover how specific Energy Medicine techniques and energy points specifically for the stages of grief and loss can improve harmony and communication within the body.
  • The art and use of essential oils during the spaces and phases of grief and loss.